About Us

La Grenouille bloomed in LA in the spring of 2014. This Portfolio was made possible by friendships developed both in French vineyards and Californian dining rooms, kitchen and wine stores back offices.

We are not following a dogmatic approach when it comes to farming and winemaking. Wines in this collection are made by people who feel, respect and certainly mold their environment. This collection of vineyards are usually farmed organically, some include biodynamic technics, some are involved in agroforestry, most have certifications that pertains to water and energy use. But each domaine finds its own path to balance human wholesomeness with healthy soils and crops; We believe in Them more than any logo, certificate or trend.

These artists have intend, possess both the technical knowledge and sensibility to execute their singular vision. We are reminded that wine is cultural by nature and the finest are rarely the result of laisser-faire nor the fruit of accidents.

There are many reasons why the name La Grenouille was given to the program. Most likely, one of them had to do with the difficulty some of you have shown to pronounce it. If you still have any uncertainty, please listen to LA born Lucien Brenot, then 26 months old, discussing the subject in an interview in 2014…

Owner / curator: Jerome Brenot